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About Me

In a culture that teaches men to be stoic, my photography instead welcomes emotion. Emotions in all forms are important, to include joy, sadness, pain and empathy. My photography is intended to draw upon an empathetic and loving experience with the acknowledgement that life has pain and suffering.

I draw Inspiration is from around the world, but more commonly from San Diego, California. This city is captivating, majestic and full of beautiful sunsets, and has become my "home". My photography focuses on beaches, sunsets and palm trees.

My work is intended to not only inspire, but to bring peace and serenity to the eyes of the viewer. With the stress of everyday life, we all could use a moment of peace and calm, which my work provokes.

I am a native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and a big fan of the Eagles, Phillies and 76ers. Since leaving Philly in 2004, I have lived in seven cities and two countries. My photography journey began as a hobby while serving as an Active Duty enlisted member of the United States Coast Guard. I have since transitioned to being a veteran and opened up my own photography business. Photography has not only helped me to cope with life stress and mental health issues, but has also provided meaning to my life. Let's remove the stigma from seeking help and rewrite the narrative.

I am easy to get a hold of, feel free to fill out the form below, sign up for mynewsletter or click "message us" on the site. Have a great day!