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Winter in San Diego 2019

Winter season took a while to settle in, but once it did I easily forgot how it was nicer not long ago. I went into December attending my first MBA class in Business Operations.  Needless to say, working and school have been challenging along with running this business. It is all worth it though. Aside from that I spent a lot of time eating out or ordering food. Things have not slowed down socially for me either.  What has your winter been like so far?    

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Summer Solstice 2019 in San Diego

Today marks the first day of the summer solstice! To my surprise, San Diego is not sunny today, and it seems more like a day in fall or early spring. In honor of this day, I would like to present one of my "hottest" photos to date! This picture was taken at Sunset Cliffs, San Diego last summer. If you look closely, you can see a sailboat right on the sun beam. Luckily for me, the breeze from the ocean made it so it wasn't so hot.  What is the hottest place you have experienced? Let me know!

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Memorial Day Weekend Sale

As this weekend kicks off, we must remember to honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. As a veteran, I decided to open a photography business to show that there is beauty, peace and tranquility in the world, despite hardships. I cannot express enough gratitude to our former, current and fallen service members. In honor of the holiday weekend, please enjoy a 10% discount on all items. Use code: MEMORIALDAY  

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