4 Reasons I Love San Diego Sunsets

Sunset Cliffs, San Diego Sunset by McClean Photography
If you are a resident of Southern California, then chances are you have seen your fair share of sunsets. Some of us have run after sunsets intentionally to find peace during the times when we need it most. San Diego, California is very expensive, but thankfully sunsets are free. 

As a photographer, I find myself chasing after sunsets at least once per week, hoping to capture that perfect moment to share with the world. Without question, sunsets are my favorite subject to shoot.

1. Sunsets Bring Peace

It might be cliche, but I truly get a sense of calm, relaxation and serenity from experiencing a sunset. If I view the sunset by the ocean, there is even more tranquility and calm. Who can be mad, sad or depressed while watching one?

2. Sunsets Bring Crowds

I am a people person, and I enjoy crowds. While viewing sunsets I have actually met people who I remained in contact with. It is also very community-like to see people coming together for something positive who appreciate beauty. There is hope for humanity after all.
3. Sunsets are Free

I briefly touched on that earlier, but seriously, they are free! As a form of therapy, relaxation and meditation, we don't have to pay a dime! Ditch your therapist now and get some sun!

4. Sunsets are Inspiring

For me, I have been inspired to become a better photographer by shooting sunsets. Not only do you have a variety of colors, moods and lighting, but many different locations. I personally like to go to Sunset Cliffs in Ocean Beach, San Diego the most. A close second would be La Jolla Cove, San Diego. Check out some of my favorite shots of each location below. 
La Jolla Cove, San Diego Sunset by McClean Photography
La Jolla Cove, San Diego Sunset by McClean Photography
Sunset Cliffs, San Diego sunsset by McClean Photography
Sunset Cliffs, San Diego sunset by McClean Photography

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